Attention Students: Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season

As a student spending so much time in crowded classrooms, you are particularly susceptible to catching a cold or the flu in the winter. Below are some tips and tricks to stay healthy in the winter months:

Wash Your Hands

Colds and germs are spread through contact with other infected individuals. After sitting in classrooms shared by thousands of other students, make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds according to the CDC.


One study showed that people who don’t exercise are 3 times more likely to get a cold than people who exercise 5 times weekly. Another study found that people who exercise have less severe colds than people who don’t. Especially as a student, it’s important to exercise regularly to decrease stress and help your body fight any germs you come into contact with throughout the day. Be careful to wash your hands and clean off equipment before (and after) use to stave off pesky winter germs.


Probiotics are live organisms which can provide health benefits when consumed in adequate concentrations. These organisms, including Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Propionibacterium, have been shown to decrease the severity of colds. Some research suggests that probiotics release substances which have antibacterial properties and reduce toxins, as well. Probiotics can be especially useful to take regularly throughout cold and flu season to help avoid getting sick.

Vitamins C & D

Based on several studies, daily vitamin C reduces frequency of colds in people who participate in rigorous exercise. We suggest taking 500mg of vitamin C twice daily during cold and flu season. In addition, some studies have shown that people with higher vitamin D levels in their blood are less likely to develop colds. We suggest vitamin D supplementation of 2000 IU to 5000 IU daily to help prevent getting sick this season and to reduce the duration of your cold.


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