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Bobo’s Oat Bars are great for our patients looking for an on-the-go meal replacement bar that is not too sweet but will satiate for hours. Why do we support Bobo’s as a healthy meal replacement? First, there’s no need to worry about artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals. Also, they’re low-glycemic index, which means that you have less to worry about with your insulin levels spiking and then being starving minutes later. They’re also made of mostly oats, so you’re packing in a lot of fiber in a small package. What’s even better? They’re certified Kosher, non-GMO, wheat-free, and vegan to boot.Also try Bobo’s Bites. A smaller bar, they really work well as a snack. Visit Bobo’s Website to Learn More!

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I.A.M Gym

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