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A Healthy Turkey Recipe

Turkey Tips

Use a rack inside your turkey pan.

It takes about 15-18 minutes to cook 1 pound of turkey. Use a meat thermometer to make sure you’ve cooked your Turkey thoroughly. Insert it close to (but not touching) the thigh bone. If it reads 180 degrees F in the thigh and 170 degrees F in the breast, it’s done and ready to serve.

To ensure an on-time bird, thaw your turkey in the refrigerator 2-3 days before roasting, bringing it to room temperature before roasting.

Make sure to pre-heat your oven.

Wash your turkey with vinegar, but make sure to pat it dry before adding your herbs.

Let the turkey sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes before carving. This allows the juices to distribute evenly throughout the turkey, keeping it moist and succulent.

Garlic & Herb Turkey


  • Turkey
  • Vegetable Broth
  • Garlic
  • Herbs: Rosemary, sage, and thyme.
  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Lemons
  • Salt & Pepper


Thaw. Ideally, begin to thaw your frozen Turkey on Monday or Tueaday before Thanskgiving

Prepare your seasoning. Mix the broth, garlic, sage, rosemary, thyme, salt, and black pepper. Set aside.

Season. Massage the turkey with your seasoning

Roast Enjoy. Pour broth and lemon juice over the turkey and into the cavity then cover with aluminum foil. Add 2 cups of broth to the bottom of the pan and Cook – roast until cooked through- see Turkey Tips to the right. 

Brine Every 10-20 minutes.

Allow to rest for 25 mins

Serve and gobble it up!

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