Feel Good

with a primary care team in Boulder, co

Let our team our family medicine professionals support you in your health goals.

Take control of your health

with real access to our health care team

Every year, it’s important to have an annual wellness exam. Our family medicine practitioners can see the whole family for your annual wellness exams, including women’ and mens’ wellness in our office. 

Call our office day or night to reach a member of your wellness team.

We know that the only thing that you want to do when you’re sick is to get better.

Our team curates a group of health practitioners, including acupuncturists, and massage therapists to make sure you get affordable access to great services.

Your membership includes discounts on Foundation Health physician-vetted supplements.

One of the biggest ways to improve your healthcare experience is by increasing time and access with heath care providers. Our appointments are never scheduled for less than 30 minutes and typically are in the 60-90 minute range.

Being insurance-free means that our services are covered under our monthly membership. Because we don’t take insurance, you’re not going to be hit with a bill that you didn’t expect.

As a Foundation Health member, you’ll get the support you need because we’re working with your outside specialists, hospitals, and labs. After all, being sick is hard enough as it is, without trying to keep track of everything your doctors say. 

Insurance is confusing. While you’ll never see an insurance bill from our office, your membership includes access to licensed insurance brokers on staff who can help you navigate your bills from outside providers.


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